The Arm in the Wall

The Arm in the Wall

July 21, 2017 Ghostly Experiences Our Blog 0

I was always into ghostly tales and haunted stories from a very young age.  Something about the excitement of the unknown and trying to solve the mystery of the afterlife kept me going back for more and more.  Until the age of 10, I had never had any paranormal experiences of my own, only read about them in books.  

However, I remember one night, I was sitting up in my bedroom watching a bit of TV.  I had all my lights on and it was early so I wasn’t tired.  Out the corner of my eye, I caught sight of some movement.  I turned to look and coming out of the wall was a hand.  Whatever it was continued to come out of the wall and slowly the whole arm appeared.  It was reaching towards me.  I completely froze.  I couldn’t breath and my voice stopped in my throat.  I noticed that the room had gone completely cold and I could see my breath in the air.  The funny thing was, I didn’t feel scared.  I felt surrounded by a loving feeling.  The arm was white and it looked like it was made of mist, although it was solid enough for me to make out that she was wearing a frilly blouse with a lace sleeve.  I thought about reaching out to touch it but I didn’t want it to disappear.  It continued to come out of the wall until the arm was reaching out right up to the shoulder.  Then as fast as it appeared it seemed to dissolve.  

That encounter stayed in my mind for many years.  I still don’t know who or what it was but the loving feeling it gave off indicates that perhaps it was a relative coming down to check on me.  I didn’t see the apparition again for over 20 years but I think she may have followed me around as I often get the impression I am watched and the same loving feeling.

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