5 Ghost Hunting Equipment Essentials

5 Ghost Hunting Equipment Essentials

July 21, 2017 Ghost Hunting Equipment Our Blog 0

When you are new to ghost hunting, it can be tempting to run out and buy all the latest kit.  However, it is important to find out if you have the stomach for it before you commit yourself to buying the newest ghost hunting gadgets.  Here is our list of the top five essential pieces of kit for the ghost hunting beginner.

  1. Torch

I know what you are thinking, well that is a bit obvious. It is and yet you would be surprised by how many people have turned up to come ghost hunting with my various groups without a torch. Many haunted locations tend to come with a hint of danger as they are most likely old and with many trip hazards.  Personally, I recommend a head torch as this leaves your hands free for taking pictures or using other equipment.

  1. EMF or K-II meter

It is well documented that paranormal activity is linked to a rise in electromagnetic field (EMF) readings.  There are two types of EMF detector.  The standard EMF detector gives you a reading on the screen.  While it means you are able to record the exact levels you are being exposed to, it can be hard to read in the dark and you may miss rises in EMF during your investigation.  However, the K-II consists of a series of lights that go from green, to amber and then red depending on the strength of the EMF field being generated.  That makes them a great tool for monitoring EMF changes even in the dark.

  1. Camera

Any camera will do, even your phone camera is good enough for early investigations.  Whenever you start to feel anything out of the ordinary just start taking pictures all around you.  While you may not be able to see anything, often your camera will pick something up.  The most captured paranormal entity is that of orbs or balls of light.  By taking multiple pictures in quick succession you can rule out dust and normal interference as the paranormal influence tends to only appear in one or two of the photos and will not appear in them all.

  1. Digital voice recorder

A digital voice recorder is an essential component of the paranormal investigators tool kit.  A spirit may not have the power to talk to you loud enough for you to be able to hear at the time.  However when you listen back to the digital recorder, you are able to increase the volume and clear up some of the interference which means that often you capture responses to your questions. This recording is called an EVP or electronic voice phenomena.

  1. Notebook

If you want to carry out a serious investigation, then it is essential that you carry a notebook with you.  Not only is this important for noting down the base readings before you start your investigations, but it helps you remember exactly what happened and when.  This means that you can then cross check any paranormal experiences with any outside influences.  For example, if your paranormal team in split in two and one group is investigating upstairs while you investigate downstairs, you might hear footsteps which could be paranormal or could be the team upstairs, so by noting down the exact time and location, you are able to cross reference it with the team upstairs to rule them out as the cause of the sound.