5 Signs you are living in a haunted house

5 Signs you are living in a haunted house

July 21, 2017 Ghostly Experiences Our Blog 0

Hearing strange noises at night? Want to know if your house is haunted? We are a team of paranormal experts who have been hunting ghosts and all things paranormal for over 25 years.  Here are the main five experiences you can expect if your house is haunted.  

  1. Phantom footsteps

One of the most frequently reported ghostly sounds is that of footsteps walking either above or below you.  While it can be scary to hear strange footsteps walking around your house while you are home alone, this type of ghostly activity on its own is completely harmless.  Set up a video camera or digital recorder while you are out to see if you can capture this ghostly phenomena and see if you can work out what is causing it.  More often than not, it turns out to be a neighbour walking around or a pet.

  1. Cold spots and goosebumps

If your house is generally warm but you keep feeling cold draughts or get goosebumps, then it could be the sign of a haunting.  Check to make sure that there are no open windows or air conditioning vents that could be causing the effect.  Goosebumps are your bodies way of telling you that something is not as it should be, so make a note of the times it happens, how you were feeling emotionally, what the weather was like and see if there is a normal pattern to it.  If it really is random, then you may be the subject of ghostly activity.

  1. Moving objects

If you put things down, only to find they have disappeared or moved completely, then you may have a poltergeist.  As long as the objects are not being thrown or broken, then it is not something to worry about too much.  However poltergeists are able to interact with people, so if you start being pushed or scratched, then it may be time to call in the experts.

  1. Feeling of being watched

We all feel like we are being watched at times, but if it is becoming frequent or only happens in certain places then it may be a sign of a haunting.  I wouldn’t worry about it, unless it starts to happen along with any of the other signs.

  1. Smells

If you are experiencing strange smells, that do not fit with your household, then it may be a sign of a haunting. Often the smell of lavender is present alongside an apparition or orbs.  However, people have reported smelling everything from cigarette smoke to rotting flesh, so if you are frequently getting phantom smells, it might be worth setting up some equipment to see if you can catch anything else.