Can paranormal activity make you sick?

Can paranormal activity make you sick?

December 9, 2017 Our Blog 0

Yes paranormal activity can make you sick.  There are many documented cases of people getting ill from paranormal activity.  It could be that you are picking up on a spirits emotions or the way they died.  Alternatively, you may be suffering from a lack of sleep or stress that comes from having a haunted house.  There may be another non-paranormal cause that is often the cause of both the supposed haunting and any ill effects you may be feeling.

Picking Up On Feelings

One of the most commonly felt signs of a haunting are the picking up of feelings associated with the spirit.  If the spirit was depressed, then often you will find that you start to become depressed.  Anger is another commonly felt emotion.  It is important to keep an eye on anyone you live with to see if there is a personality change.  You should also keep a diary to record your own emotions as you may not notice anything unless you document them over a period of time.  Make a note of when you notice more paranormal activity and at the same time record how you are feeling to see if there is a relationship.  

Feeling how a spirit died

Another of the most commonly reported signs of a haunting is feeling how a spirit died, although this is often hard to find out.  There are many documented cases of people becoming ill from the same illness that killed the spirit in their home.  Often the symptoms are only experienced when they are in the house and go away when they leave the home.  They also rarely show up on any doctors tests and examinations despite the symptoms being very strong when the person is at home.  Sadly the only way to get rid of the symptoms is to perform an exorcism or blessing on your home.  This will hopefully rid the home of the spirit and alleviate the symptoms.  

Stress / sleep deprivation from a haunting

The nature of a haunting means that it is hard to predict when activity will occur.  This means you are always on edge.  Living in a permanent state of anxiety is not good for anyone.  The stress caused by a haunting can often make someone sicker than the haunting itself.  

Another downside is that most people spend more time home in the evenings and at night.  During the day you are out at work and can put the haunting behind you.  However, as soon as you go to bed and the house is quiet, you start to hear every noise and sound that a spirit makes.  This can ultimately lead to severe sleep deprivation.  Continue without sleep for a while and you will get sick. Plus you are also likely to notice your relationships having problems, your work life starts to suffer and your emotions are all over the place.

Alternative causes – EMF Radiation

One important factor to rule out is EMF radiation.  All electrical devices emit an electro-magnetic field.  If someone spends a large amount of time in an area with a high EMF reading, then it can cause symptoms like hallucinations, headaches, nausea and body aches.  This means that it is often a cause of mistaken hauntings.  If you spend time in a high EM field, then you may start to hallucinate and think your house or office is haunted.  This means that when you develop further symptoms like a headache or nausea, then you put it down to the haunting.  You need to rule out high EMF levels as a possible cause of any haunting or illness.  To do this, you need to invest in an EMF detector or borrow one from a local paranormal group.