Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment for Under £50

Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment for Under £50

December 19, 2017 Ghost Hunting Equipment Our Blog 0
cheap ghost hunting equipment

If you are looking to get started in ghost hunting, you don’t have to spend a fortune.  In this article, we show you the essential ghost hunters tool kit you can get for a total of under £50.  

Torch – £6.99:

A torch is vital for any ghost hunter.  You spend hours crawling around in dark places and it is all too easy to trip and fall if you can’t see where you are going.  However, while to a certain extent you can use any torch, we have found that the focusing torches are much better.  On these torches, you can twist the top to focus the beam in, or twist it the other way to increase the size of the area you light up. They have a longer range and allow you to focus in on an area where you are seeing paranormal activity.  They also help you to keep your eyes used to the darkness as the beam doesn’t radiate out as much.  Our pick of the bunch is this £6.99 focus able torch from Amazon.

EMF Detector – £13.99:  

There are so many different models of EMF detector on the market.  However, if you are just starting out and need one that doesn’t break the bank, then this £13.99 EMF Detector is a good place to start.  It doesn’t have lights or any form of alarm, but it is pretty accurate and allows you to identify any areas of possible interference.

Thermometer Gun – £5.67:

Temperature changes are an early sign that there may be some form of paranormal activity taking place.  That is why a thermometer gun should be one of the first items of equipment you purchase for your ghost hunting equipment bag.  Lots of the Paranormal Academy team have this £5.67 thermometer gun as part of their toolkit.  The LED backlight means you are able to use it in the pitch black without having to shine a torch on it.  Plus the range is pretty good allowing you to measure the temperature around a room without having to move.

Voice Recorder – £26.35:

You can get cheaper voice recorders from places like eBay.  However, the quality of the Sony ones is unlike anything else.  I have had my latest one for 11 years now and it is still working perfectly.  I have only had to change the batteries in it once in that whole time.  It must have recorded over 1000 hours of footage and still produces a crisp clear recording.  If it ever dies, I will replace it with the same one again. Voice recorders are the one area you don’t want to save money on.  They are a key item for recording evidence on and if you get a cheap one, it could end up costing you your evidence. For £26.35, this voice recorder is our top pick