How do you know if someone is possessed?

How do you know if someone is possessed?

January 6, 2023 Demonology Our Blog 0

Possession, or the belief that a person is being taken over by a spirit or demon, has been around for thousands of years. While there are many theories about what causes possession, it’s important to note that this phenomenon is not recognized in modern medicine. That said, if you suspect that someone is possessed by an entity, there are certain signs you can look out for. Let’s take a closer look.

Physical Signs of Possession
The most common physical sign of possession is the appearance of strange marks on the skin, usually in the form of scratches or bruises. These marks may appear suddenly and without explanation—although some people believe they are caused by supernatural entities attempting to manifest themselves into our world. Similarly, people who are possessed may also experience sudden changes in their body temperature or have difficulty regulating their breathing rate. They may also display unusual strength or agility and be able to lift heavy objects with ease. Finally, those who are possessed may exhibit changes in their personality, such as sudden outbursts of anger or uncontrollable episodes of laughter.

Behavioral Signs of Possession
In addition to physical signs, those who are believed to be possessed may also display certain behaviors that indicate an outside force has taken control. People who are possessed by spirits or demons may become fixated on certain topics or rituals and become obsessed with them; they may also display an intense fear or aversion to religious icons and symbols. Additionally, those who are believed to be possessed often exhibit a total lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed and show no concern for their personal hygiene or safety. They may also speak in tongues or languages they do not understand and report experiencing visions that cannot be explained rationally.

Recognizing whether someone is under the influence of an outside force can be incredibly difficult—and it’s important to keep in mind that medical science does not recognize possession as a legitimate phenomenon. If you believe someone might be possessed by a spirit or demon, it’s best to seek advice from qualified spiritual professionals who can help assess the situation more accurately and provide guidance on how best to proceed with helping the affected individual regain control over his/her life..