How to Help a Ghost Pass Over

How to Help a Ghost Pass Over

May 27, 2021 Ghost Hunting Our Blog 0

In general, ghosts will move on when their purpose is fulfilled. But sometimes a ghost needs specific help to move on and this can be provided by a witch.

There are different ways you can help a ghost pass over: gathering personal objects, performing an  Ascension ceremony, or calling in the assistance of an experienced witch.

A witch will perform a ritual to call in the spirit of the ghost. The purpose of the ritual is to draw the spirit back into its body by using personal objects, and then to find out what it wants and needs from you. For example, if the ghost’s greatest need is forgiveness, the witch will organize a church service and perform a ceremony while asking God for forgiveness on behalf of the ghost so that it may move on. If no church is available at that time, then a prayer in your home can also be performed in order to ask for forgiveness.

If the ghost needs to pass on more quickly, then a ceremony can be performed to help the ghost ascend. In this ceremony, you will be guided in creating an energy vortex in your home that can help the ghost move on.

The following is one of many ways to perform a ritual to call in the spirit of the ghost. You may also find additional rituals online or create your own based on your need:

1) Find out when the ghost was born and what his/her birth number is (day, month, year). You may search for his or her information through an online genealogy site. For example, and genealogy records are some of the most useful resources to find your family history.

2) Find out about the type of person or animal that this ghost was. For example, if the ghost is a bird, then you will need to find out what type of bird it was so that you can use that knowledge in your ritual.

3) Collect everything from the person’s life and store them in a satchel for use during the ceremony. You should have at least one item from each phase of his/her life such as: his/her childhood picture books or toys; toys from ages 1 to 7; high school yearbooks; college yearbooks; graduation gifts etc.. You can also use photos of the person. A satchel is a small cloth bag that will help you to carry all of the objects and pictures.

4) Make a list of images, objects, or any other personal information that the ghost may need to pass over. It could be something as simple as leftover perfumes or toiletries that had been used during life time by the ghost. It could also be a specific object such as a ring, watch, or necklace that was very important to the person during life time.

5) Connect with the ghost on an emotional level and give it your understanding about its purpose in your life.

6) Tell the ghost that you will help it pass over. You may want to include in your ritual a letter of forgiveness from the family for any wrongdoing that took place during life time. Your desire to help also needs to be conveyed to the ghost. Use a pen and paper so that you can personally write down your wishes. Leave the paper where you think the ghost can see it.

7) Decide when and where you will do your ritual. In order for it to be successful, you will need a secluded area with no interruptions or distractions so that no one can hear what is being said during the ceremony or how long it may take.

When you start your ritual, you will need to first find a quiet spot and then you can go about looking for the ghost. Use an object that belonged to the ghost such as a perfume or watch and ask it to come around.

1) Set up an altar with photos of the person or animal that is being called back, any objects that he/she had during life time such as his/her childhood toys, a picture of him/her when he/she was young etc.. If you don’t have a picture of the person, use pictures of his favorite movie star or a character from his favorite book.

2) Next, light your candles and incense. The incense is used to help center you and the candles are used to represent the energy that will be focused in your home during the ceremony.


3) Place on the altar other objects such as a rose or a flower that represents love. Give these gifts to the ghost of its lover or family member who have passed on in order to help convince it that you will accept him/her back into your life.


4) Any personal items collected from his/her life can also be placed on the altar such as his favorite stuffed animal or something else that he loved so much during his life time. 5) You can also include a picture of his/her family and friends so that he/she knows that they are still around him. These pictures will help to convince the ghost that he is not alone and that his loved ones miss him.


5) By placing all these items on the altar, you are opening up your heart to the ghost and connecting with it in a way that you want to help it move on to its next journey.

6) In order for this ritual to be successful, you need to stay vigilant during your ceremony. You may want to start off with a short period of meditation where you clear your mind of any other concerns or distractions in order for you focus on the ritual. You can also use written meditation that help to guide the energy to focus solely on the ceremony. After, you can break off for a short period of time to gather your thoughts and then continue with the ritual as shown in the following pictures.

7) Using your sacred objects such as photos, objects and papers, get down on your knees so that you are in a position where you are facing the altar and not anyone else present. Start out by taking a couple of deep breaths in an effort to center yourself.

8) Now that you are in a position to do your ritual, you will want to verbally call out the ghost and ask it to come back into your life.

9) Start off by stating what you want from the ghost.

10) Most importantly, tell him/her that when he/she is finished visiting with you, he must return back to where he came from.

11) Now that you have given the ghost an order, there is no reason to stop, so keep at it until the ritual is complete.