Mystery Music

Mystery Music

July 21, 2017 Ghost Hunting Equipment Our Blog 0

Shortly after my first paranormal experience as a child when the mist came out of the wall, several strange occurrences started to happen.  It wasn’t just me that experienced the paranormal any more, my whole family started to experience the incidents I am about to describe.

Our house was a detached house, with no local neighbours.  There is no way that any of the following could have come from a neighbour’s house or from an outside influence.

I was sitting in my room studying for my exams.  I was home alone.  It was silent in the house and there was only my hamster for company.  All of a sudden, I could hear music coming from downstairs.  I assumed it was a radio or alarm clock turning itself on so ignored it for a while.  However, it started to get louder and I realised that there was no talking in between songs like you would experience if it was a radio station.  The songs playing were from the 40s and 50s.  

After a while I got up to investigate.  I went into all the bedrooms upstairs but the music was not coming from any of the alarm clocks.  So I went downstairs.  It wasn’t coming from the lounge or any of the rooms downstairs either.  The weird thing was, it didn’t get any louder in any of the rooms, meaning that I wasn’t getting closer to the source of the music.  

I opened the front door to see if it was coming from outside but there was no music coming from anywhere.  I gave up trying to find the source and went back upstairs.  I tried to ignore it but then I heard furniture moving downstairs and the lights being turned on in the kitchen.  I got up, assuming my sister was playing a trick on me, and ran downstairs.  There was no one in the kitchen and the front and back doors were locked. I ran back upstairs and shut myself in my bedroom, refusing to leave until I heard someone else had come home.  

This phantom music and noises continued to happen the whole time I lived there and the current owners still hear the noises over 25 years after my experience.