Paranormal Academy Reviews

Here are what some of our students have had to say about us:

To be honest I didn’t want it to end, Love learning new things on the paranormal. Paul Kent, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

Been involved in the paranormal for over 20 years and i found this course very interesting and educational! Even though I have all the equipment you mention you have given me more info on them which is very useful. Kerry Casado-Garcia, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

Teaches you the basic skills and knowledge you need to start becoming a paranormal investigator. From ghost types to the best way to communicate to them. Martyn Paul Eastty, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

Absolutely enjoyed the course from start to finish, worth every penny. Paul Dixon, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

Informative and looking forward to putting it to use. Emma Jane Patrick, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

Excellent, informative course taught me everything I needed to know to complete the course, the website has some excellent advise and courses for persons who have an interest in this subject. Tina, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

I have been investigating paranormal phenomena for a number of years and have been very successful after the completion of this diploma course I understand much more and the effectiveness of my investigations is increasing and my credibility as an investigator has increased 10 fold. what a great course for beginners and established investigators alike. Glen Perkins, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

Totally awesome course didn’t want it to end very informative and enjoyed the whole experience Hope to find similar courses in the future. Adele King, Diploma in Ghost Hunting

A very good insight on Demonology, very important subject matter that every budding and existing investigator should know, you can never learn too much. Glen Perkins, Diploma in Demonology

A welcomed and great addition to the Paranormal Academy. Dean Paignton, Diploma in Demonology

The course is an excellent and comprehensive study of demonology. I think all participants in paranormal events would be wise to undertake this course and heed the advice of how to protect yourself. Edward Hortop, Diploma in Demonology

This course is awesome, as a Paranormal Investigator, the Demonology Diploma course is an added qualification for me and any investigations I do. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in enhancing their knowledge into demon possession and what to look out for and how to act upon it. Michael Finn, Diploma in Demonology

I’ve always been interested in Demonology and when I saw this course I jumped at the opportunity. There’s a lot of history involved, old cases that are very interesting to read about and I have to say it kept me engaged and interested. I’m so glad that I took the opportunity to take part in the course and will keep my eye out for further courses in the future. Kerri Howard, Diploma in Demonology

Amazing do this course. Nicola, Diploma in Parapsychology

It is a very good course as you can take as long as you want to complete it which means you can fit it around anything else you need to do. Heather, Diploma in Parapsychology

Such a pleasure to do these courses with the Paranormal Academy. I was not sure where to start my journey into the Paranormal last year and came across their website offering these courses. I was sceptical at first that these courses would be of any value to me in the future but decided to try a course any hows. I am really glad I did because the knowledge I have gained from doing these courses has been so instrumental in my learning of the paranormal. I would most certainly recommend ANY of the courses the Paranormal Academy offers to anyone who is interested in this field. Dean Paignton, Diploma in Parapsychology