Scary Movies for Halloween 2022 Edition

Scary Movies for Halloween 2022 Edition

October 4, 2022 Our Blog 0

So it is coming up to halloween 2022 and if you’re like us, you are looking for a good scare to watch of an evening.  This is our roundup of the best scary TV shows and movies that you can watch this October in 2022. 

Hocus Pocus 2 – Available now on Disney +

We waited 29 years for this sequel and it did not disappoint.  The Sanderson Sisters witches are back! While not exactly scary, it makes wonderful halloween family viewing.  It has all the charms that made the first one so endearing and there are many points in the film that relive some of those magical moments.  

Well worth a watch for fans of the first one. 

Ghost Adventures Devils Den – Available now on Discovery Plus

As a big fan of the early Ghost Adventures episodes, this feature length episode goes back to their old school methods of investigation.  The team investigate an old juvenile detention centre that was at the centre of abuse allegations and surrounded by stories of death and misery.  The show does not disappoint with an outrageous number of EVPs captured and plenty of visual disturbances and apparitions, the show is one not to miss. 

Ghost Hunters Taps Returns – Available on Discovery Plus

The TAPS team are one of the original ghost hunting TV teams.  For many of us they were the first team to bring ghost hunting into mainstream TV.  Now nearly 17 years on, they are bringing the team back together to re-visit some of their old ghost hunting locations.  The TAPS team are very gadget heavy, but this is reflected in the EVP evidence they obtain.  While not exactly scary, it is nice to watch a good old ghost hunt. 

From – Available on Now TV

This is one of those mind bending horror series that has you gripped from the first episode.  I intended to just watch the first episode, but 8 hours later was still sat on the sofa binge watching the whole series.  While the series leaves a lot of questions unanswered, you will be pleased to hear a second series is coming soon.  

Choose or Die – Available on Netflix

I really enjoyed this movie. The premise isn’t new but their twist on it kept me gripped throughout the movie.  It is more a twisted thriller than a horror but still an enjoyable watch.