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We offer a range of qualifications and specialise in offering courses in paranormal and other alternative topics

Diploma in Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation

Our Diploma in Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation gives you all the skills you need to carry out a scientific investigation.


Diploma in Demonology

This course is aimed at the paranormal investigator who is looking to find out more about demonic entities.


Diploma in Parapsychology

Everything you need to know about paranormal phenomena, what causes them and their scientific background


Diploma in Wicca and Witchcraft

This course covers Wiccan practises and everything you need to know to become a practising witch.

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Here at the Paranormal Academy, we specialise in the unusual, offering courses and advice you will struggle to find any where else

We enjoy putting together courses on topics that aren’t covered by ‘mainstream’ course providers.  Our students have said that the courses we offer are not only enjoyable, but they have helped them to take their paranormal investigations to the next level.  We have helped people turn ghost hunting into their full time business and we have helped new investigators feel more confident. 


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We set up the Paranormal Academy to try and encourage as many people to get into paranormal investigation as possible.  One of the most common reasons for people not going on paranormal investigations, was that they didn’t feel confident that they would know what they were doing.  We put together our Diploma in Ghost Hunting to help people feel confident enough to get out there and investigate. 



Anyone who has been in the field for a while will know that there are good and bad entities.  That is why we put together our demonology course to help you stay prepared and as safe as possible when investigating. 

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Diploma in Parapsychology

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Diploma in Demonology


Diploma in Ghost Hunting


What Our Clients Say

We have over 300 positive reviews from satisfied customers who have completed our courses.  

“Absolutely enjoyed the course from start to finish, worth every penny..”

Paul Dixon
Diploma in Ghost hunting

“The course is an excellent and comprehensive study of demonology. I think all participants in paranormal events would be wise to undertake this course and heed the advice of how to protect yourself.”

Edward Hortop
diploma in demonology

“It is a very good course as you can take as long as you want to complete it which means you can fit it around anything else you need to do.”

Heather Mattock
Diploma in Parapsychology

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The Zozo Demon

Zozo is a demon in Haitian, Vodun, Western Christian, and some African religions that mainly manifests with symptoms of possession. Clinical psychologist Louis Pierre Janet first wrote of his findings[…]

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