Haunted Hinchingbrooke House

Haunted Hinchingbrooke House

May 31, 2021 Ghostly Experiences Haunted Locations Our Blog 0

Hinchingbrooke House in Huntingdonshire sits in around 15 acres of gardens, woods and parkland with many reports of ghost sightings.

Throughout the house’s history there have been numerous instances of reported paranormal activity such as ghostly apparitions, mysterious unexplained noises, moving objects and even phantom footsteps.


There are also a number of different theories about where these strange occurrences originate from – one suggestion being that the ghosts at Hinchingbrooke House come from centuries ago when the building served as a monastery. The monks would have been buried on what is now the property and it has been suggested that their spirits are still there to this day.


There are also rumours that the ghost of a monk who was induced to leave the convent because he lived a sinful life has been spotted wandering around the grounds. There is little evidence about his identity although he is thought to be somewhat older than most monks, with white hair and no facial features.

It also seems that Hinchingbrooke House’s ghosts are not hostile; they often walk through doors, open windows, turn lights on and off and even give advice to those who dare to go upstairs.