How are Crop Circles Made?

How are Crop Circles Made?

July 21, 2021 Our Blog UFOs 0

This is a new and exciting field of study. Crop circles are amazing creations that have baffled experts for decades. With so much variation in both size, shape, design and intensity, the subject is varied and fascinating. Despite the number of theories about how these circles were created, we still can’t quite put our fingers on it. There are many theories about the subject, but no real consensus.

One of the major theories is that it was done with an aerial device. There are also many other theories. It could have been done by balloons, helicopters, jets, flying machines or even UFOs. Some believe that it is done by some hidden force or power. There are even those who believe that it’s nothing but a hoax.

In this article, we look at crop circles, what creates them and what they look like. Apparently, this is a new study field that is growing in popularity.

What Are Crop Circles?

Crop circles are amazing works of art that have been created by something or someone with an unknown agenda. Many people believe that they are the work of UFO’s or maybe even extraterrestrial visitors who come to earth to mess around with us lowly humans.

The History Of Crop Circles

It is difficult to trace the history of the crop circles, but many believe that it has been going on for a very long time. There are some who believe that it actually started in the 1940’s. Others believe that they began as early as the 10th century. There are many stories about how these formations came to be. Some opinions include; weather balloons, satellites, secret government projects and even aliens will all be blamed at some point in time.

Some people even think that these crop circles were created by some religious groups in order to discredit them or maybe just create a sense of fear among those who investigate them. There are some who believe that these crop circles are created to confuse, frighten or even fool people. Some even think that they might be used to manipulate the weather. This is of course based on a theory called ‘the caper theory’.

The ‘caper theory’ states that the circles were created in order to confuse scientists and make them think there was something going on in the atmosphere. This would then activate the weather control devices and keep it operating for as long as possible.

Another belief is that these circles were created by someone with an agenda of some sort, perhaps someone who wanted things in their life to have a change or those who used them to create fear for financial gain. The most commonly known theory is that these crop circles are created by using some kind of aerial device. Many people believe that there are multiple people or even groups involved. This means that multiple vehicles would have to be used in order to create these formations and then remove any trace of evidence.

There are also many who believe the cause for the formation of these circles is due to the sunlight hitting something metal in the ground. This would cause it to heat up and then create an outline of itself in the corn field. Others believe that it may be done through some kind of magnetic technology, similar to what is used by Tesla coils, which can cause this effect. This would also get rid of any melted materials that would have been left behind.

Another theory is that it is done with the use of lasers. This is based upon the fact that there are scars left from parabolic mirrors. These crop circles can be created by many different methods and different people will believe in many different theories about them. Some people believe that it could have been created using aircraft’s such as helicopters, planes or even UFOs working together. The main idea behind this theory is that crop circles are very complex to create and only a team of people working together may be able to build them on such a large scale. Another idea is that these crop circles are done through a process known as ‘field flattening’. This occurs when the crops lay down and begin to die. Many believe that it is some natural phenomenon while others suspect the government or even aliens. Another theory, based on the ‘caper theory’, states that these crop circles are made by people who want to fool scientists into thinking that there is a serious weather problem going on. This would then cause the leaders of research facilities to spend all of their time trying to figure out what was going on in the atmosphere. Those in power would be distracted enough so that others could take control and turn things around for their own financial gain. It may also be used to create fear among the general population, helping to create a culture of ‘us versus them’.

Shockingly, there is actually a company that has been set up in England that have been making crop circles for entertainment purposes since the 1980’s. It receives between $600 and $2000 from farmers who wish to profit from these circles. The company will make the crop circle and then stand back while people take pictures of them. They will then sell these pictures with their logo on it for a profit.