The Zozo Demon

The Zozo Demon

June 4, 2021 Demonology Our Blog 0

Zozo is a demon in Haitian, Vodun, Western Christian, and some African religions that mainly manifests with symptoms of possession. Clinical psychologist Louis Pierre Janet first wrote of his findings on Zozo in the 19th century, describing it as “a sort of hypnosis” but the idea has been around for centuries. It’s not to be confused with any “Evil Spirit” though! In Haitian mythology, it’s one of the Gede – spirits akin to benevolent deities who are typically associated with creation myths.

The 19th-century French demonologist Ludger Duvernoy described Zozo as the guardian of the “second circle of Hell” and reported that, in Haiti, it is often called upon to address problems caused by Lwa (loa), powerful spirits which can wreak havoc when they turn rogue. Duvernoy claimed that Haitians would conjure up the demon to force trapped souls into speaking their names, and then banished it with Christian prayers.

In Western Christian Demonology, Zozo is a being created from fire by God on the fifth day of creation who wanted to be a god like his master. The most common demon to be confused with the Zozo Demon is Satan. The Christian Bible describes the fall of Lucifer, who was so beautiful that God gave him his own Kingdom. Lucifer became proud of himself, and wanted to rebel against God. He wanted to be a “god like his master.” His attempt at rebellion failed, and he fell from grace. Lucifer became known as Satan or the devil. He is believed to have great power, but no longer has a direct connection to God. Satan fell from heaven and became one of the Gedé, or spirits akin to benevolent deities who are typically associated with creation myths.

The Zozo Demon is often confused with Satan because of the way he is portrayed in popular culture, such as movies. He is made into a powerful force able to possess humans and wreak havoc on earth. He is believed to be very attractive. When people look in his eyes, they are said to get lost in them and cannot resist him. His powers are somewhat limited as he cannot use them outside of the house that he possesses or else his powers will be weakened. The Zozo Demon is also known as the “green-eyed demon” and “the gentleman”.

Since Zozo is a product of Satan, it is known as the “evil twin”. Satan has many evil twins, which are dangerous entities that look exactly like him. Many believe that they are actually his sons, but these can be very dangerous to humans. These spirits have their own purposes and may not always work with his plans.