What is an orb?

What is an orb?

July 12, 2021 Ghost Hunting Our Blog 0
What is an orb

What is an orb? Ghost hunters use orbs as an indicator or paranormal activity, but what exactly is an orb and is it paranormal?

Orbs are probably the most common form of paranormal evidence. They’re so prevalent that they’ve become normal to see in many paranormal pictures. Yet, what are orbs and why do they exist? One theory is that they represent spiritual energy attachments. Another is that they’re dust or bugs reflecting the camera’s flash, but this doesn’t explain some of the more ‘classic’ orbs.

What is an orb?

Orbs are usually intensely bright and usually circular in shape. Some are white, while others may be multicolored. Most orbs are no larger than a basketball or any other similar sized object. They can also be small, but most are fairly large. Some orbs appear transparent while others appear to have depth and can cast shadows. They’re usually completely still and hovered in one position or they move extremely slowly on a very straight path with no erratic movements at all. Orb pictures are the most common type of paranormal evidence, but because they’re so common that we tend to not question their existence until it’s too late.

Many orb pictures are quickly dismissed as dust particles. You’ve seen these on TV, right? You’re taking a picture and you think it captures something paranormal. Then, a few seconds later when you look at the image on your computer screen, you see all these little white dots. You then tell yourself that it was just dust particles from the air and the orbs in the picture were nothing but dust. You’re skeptical. But they could be more than dust.

Orbs are everywhere Orbs aren’t just found in photos. They’re all around us and the debate rages on as to whether or not orbs are paranormal or not. Many people have seen orbs with their own eyes, but no one has an answer as to what they really are. An orb is an anomaly that we don’t entirely understand yet. It can be a dust particle or some other foreign object that has penetrated the camera’s lens or it could be something more mysterious.

According to one theory, orbs are the result of tiny particles floating through the air that is separated from one point and then reflected. The concept of orbs was first popularized in a book written by Charles Fort, who was a well known American author known for his books about strange phenomena. He also coined the word “UFO” in his book called “Lo!”. He actually believed that we were not alone in space and that there were extraterrestrial life forms out there somewhere. He thought that a lot of things that we thought were paranormal were actually natural events caused by nature. He thought in his book that orbs are the result of dust or bugs flying through a room, be it an office or a house. A picture of an orb taken by a camera is just the camera’s flash reflecting off the particles floating through the air.

Some people claim to have seen orbs on television and in movies. Many people believe that ghosts exist and they may send these little orbs out to disturbance electromagnetic fields such as radio waves and TV signals to throw us off their trail. The Japanese also believe that something similar occurs in Japanese art sometimes known as “tsubomi”.

Orbs have also been linked to other types of phenomena, such as ball lightning. It’s thought that orbs are little balls of light created by electrical discharge in the atmosphere, but nobody is sure if this is true or not because there hasn’t been any way to scientifically study them yet. But even if they’re not paranormal, they are still a strange and interesting phenomena that can be captured on film.