A Haunting History of Oxford Castle

A Haunting History of Oxford Castle

January 6, 2023 Haunted Locations Our Blog 0

Oxford Castle in England is a centuries-old building that has seen its fair share of history. It’s been a prison, a fortress, and even a royal residence. But it has also been the home too many ghosts, including the ghost of an executioner and a female prisoner who some say is still searching for her lost child. Let’s explore the haunted history of Oxford Castle and what kind of spooky phenomena await visitors if they dare to visit.

The Executioner’s Ghost
One of the most famous ghosts said to haunt Oxford Castle is that of the castle’s former executioner. The story goes that during his time as an executioner, he became so accustomed to taking life that he eventually took his own life by hanging himself from the rafters in one of the castle’s dungeons. People who have visited Oxford Castle have reported seeing this ghostly figure lurking in dark corners and walking up and down castle corridors.

The Female Prisoner’s Ghost
Another popular ghost haunting Oxford Castle is said to be that of a female prisoner who was sentenced to death after being convicted of killing her own child. Legend has it that she roams around the castle, still searching desperately for her missing child. People who have visited have reported feeling an oppressive presence in some parts of the castle, as well as hearing mysterious voices echoing through its halls.

Other Ghosts at Oxford Castle
Oxford Castle is thought to be home to many other ghosts as well, including those of former prisoners and soldiers who died while on duty at the castle during its various wars over the centuries. Visitors have also reported strange noises coming from deserted areas in the castle grounds late at night, which could be attributed to any number of restless spirits roaming about looking for peace or revenge!

If you are brave enough to visit Oxford Castle, you will likely experience some spine-chilling phenomena throughout your stay! From sightings of former executioners roaming about in search of their next victim, to oppressive presences lingering in certain areas or mysterious voices echoing through walls – there is no shortage of spooky activity at this iconic English landmark! So why not take a trip down memory lane (or should we say afterlife) and see how many ghosts you can find? Who knows…you may even make some new friends along the way! Welcome to haunted Oxford Castle…if you dare!