April 29, 2021 Cryptozoology 0

There have been many sightings of Bigfoot.

Many people believe in Bigfoot — it’s just that they’re not all on board with the same Bigfoot. Some believe that he only exists in Hollywood movies or could be an unknown animal like Gigantopithecus or Gigantopithecus Blacki.

Gigantopithecus is a real giant ape that existed around one million years ago and is known to have been in Asia. The other possibility is Gigantopithecus Blacki. It was a giant ape that lived in China around 1.2 million years ago, and is known only from teeth and jaws that were found at Dragon Bone Hill near the city of Zhoukoudian, along with stone tools.

Bigfoot sightings are not very unusual. Many people have reported the sightings, so there is a good possibility that they’re real.

Some folks claim to have seen Bigfoot up close and personal. One of these people was a man named John Green. He claims that he found an ape in the woods in 1968 during his high school years at LaGrange High School in Georgia. He quickly took a picture of Bigfoot with his camera before he ran away from this savage creature.

Although we all think of Bigfoot as some type of monkey or ape, if you look at other animals in the animal kingdom he is definitely not one, but rather it’s a large bear-like creature that walks upright on two legs and has no tail. So Is Bigfoot a bear? Well that’s a tough one, but yes and no. When you look at the hand print of Bigfoot it is nothing like the hand print of a bear. Although his footprints look like that of a man, they are actually very wide.

Now that we have gone over what Bigfoot really looks like and where he might be living, let’s go into some real sightings. There have been many sightings near Bluff Creek in California. These sightings were in October of 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. The film footage has been examined countless times by experts from all over the world who all agree it is real footage and not fake film. The film shows a hairy creature walking upright on two feet and carrying a large stick in one hand. Although there are many sightings, Bigfoot has yet to be captured. No one has even come close to capturing a Bigfoot.

There have also been reports of Bigfoots that have been seen in North Carolina, Canada and also South America as well as the Southwestern United States.

The latest sighting of Bigfoot was in February of 2005. A family from Virginia actually said they saw a Bigfoot while they were on vacation in North Carolina.

Although Bigfoot has been spotted many times over the years, he still remains elusive. So why do so many people think it exists? Most of us have heard stories growing up about Sasquatch, as well as seeing creatures like the Yeti thanks to movies and television shows.

So if Bigfoot does exist and is real, where can we find him? Currently all the evidence proves that he lives in the Pacific Northwest.