Can Cats See Ghosts?

Can Cats See Ghosts?

January 31, 2018 Ghostly Experiences Our Blog 0
Ghost cat on stairs

Have you ever noticed your cat fixed on something in the room despite there being nothing you can see there? Or have you seen your cat sink down low as if it is hunting an invisible prey?

If you have a cat, chances are they have all done this at some point.  The big question is what have they seen. We have asked the owners of cats that are blind and/or deaf to see if their cats also do this in the hope it will clarify something for us.

Deaf Cats

We asked James if his deaf cat ever reacted like it had seen something.

“I have Tom and Bart, Tom is deaf.  Bart seems to be the first to react to things, but that could just be because he is a bit hyperactive and always on the lookout for things to hunt. Although Tom is deaf, he will often stare at nothing and it is even more creepy when both the cats start watching and even following something moving round the room that we can’t see.”

So it seems that being deaf does not stop this unusual behaviour.  This indicates that it is not the sound attracting the cats attention but is due to whatever they are seeing.

Blind Cats

We asked Michelle, the owner of one blind cat and two regular cats if her cats also do this strange behaviour.

“My two fully sighted cats will often do this in my house. There can be nothing visible there and yet they are both staring at whatever it is. Interestingly, Mogli, my blind cat doesn’t seem to react to anything.”

This indicates that the cats are definitely reacting to something they see. There must be no noise associated with whatever they are seeing or else the blind cat would still react to some extent.

Camera Proof

We have managed to find significant proof on the internet from people who have taken pictures of whatever their cat was looking at only to capture something unusual in the photograph.  These range from orbs (which could be a bug, which would also explain why the cat is hunting) through to what look like apparitions.

Can Cats See Ghosts?

Based on the evidence above and the fact that us humans can see ghosts from time to time, then yes we strongly believe that cats can see ghosts. Does it mean that they see them all the time? We do not think that they are able to see them all the time. If this was the case then they would stop noticing them and they would become normal to the cat. This means that you would not expect them to react and stare at them.  However, in the same way that they appear without warning to people, we believe they also behave in this way to cats. Just because we can’t see them at that moment doesn’t mean they are not there, it just means they are only visible to the light range detected by the cats eye and not ours.