Who Do Demons Attack?

Who Do Demons Attack?

January 19, 2018 Demonology Our Blog 0
who do demons attack

Demons can unfortunately attack anyone. However, there are some situations that are more inviting to a demon.

Someone who is emotionally unstable is more susceptible to a demonic possession.  If you are undergoing a period of intense grief, depression or even anger you should avoid going on ghost hunts that may lead to interaction with a demonic presence.  You should also avoid using a ouija board.  If you are grieving for someone, the demon can play on this grief and imitate the person you are missing.  If you are in contact with a spirit you believe to be that of a loved one, always make sure you ask a question only they would know the answer to.

Children are an easy target for demonic entities. Children are naturally friendly and welcoming. A demon can take the form of another child or friendly person to trick that child into befriending them.  If your child has a new imaginary friend, keep an eye on them. If that imaginary friend starts asking them to do things they know are wrong, or if their personality starts to change, then it may be a demon.  If the child starts to withdraw into themselves and not want to socialise as much as before then that may indicate something more sinister.  

Playing on a ouija board can be another way to invite a demonic presence into your life.  You never know who you are talking to on a ouija board. While they may appear to be a friend or relative, you never know for sure. Make sure that you open and close your ouija board properly to avoid inviting the wrong kind of spirit through.

Demons play on the physically weak as well as the mentally weak.  They can invite themselves into the homes of those near death. They can also cause illness.  If someone you know comes down with an unexplainable illness suddenly, then consider that it may be a demonic haunting affecting them.  

Unfortunately, demons are able to attach themselves to perfectly healthy people too.  This is why we always suggest wearing agate for protection and avoiding places with a suspected demonic haunting.

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