What Ghost Hunting Equipment Do TAPS Use?

What Ghost Hunting Equipment Do TAPS Use?

January 18, 2018 Ghost Hunting Equipment Our Blog 0

One of the original ghost hunting TV shows that I know everyone here at the Paranormal Academy love was Ghost Hunters.  It featured TAPS, the Trans Atlantic Paranormal Society.  Over the years their ghost hunting equipment has improved and changed, but in this article we cover the paranormal investigation equipment most commonly used by the TAPS team and where you can buy it in the UK.

K-II Meter

A fundamental piece of the TAPS kit is the K-II electro-magnetic field detector.  This device measures the EMF levels and relays that back to the user via the coloured lights on the front of the device.  The higher the levels, the more lights you get. The lights go from green to orange to red depending on the levels detected.  The K-II is great for use in the dark as it is easy to see any changes even from across the room.  One frequent method of communication is the question and answer sessions.  The spirit can walk closer to the device and set off the lights for a positive response or move away and let the lights go off for a negative response.  This questioning format allows you to get good solid yes / no answers from any spirits present.  The TAPS team use this method consistently as part of their investigations.

Voice Recorder

Another staple item in the TAPS ghost hunting kit bag is the voice recorder.  A voice recorder offers the spirits another way to communicate.  While we may not hear anything with our own ears at the time, the voice recorder allows for frequencies outside the usual hearing range or voices that are very quiet to be recorded.  When played back you can then hear the voices on the recording. This ability to hear voices not heard at the time is called electronic voice phenomenon or EVP. TAPS have caught some amazing EVPs throughout the years and they still remain one of the best team’s around when it comes to evidence capture.

IR Camera

The TAPS team pioneered the use of a night vision CCTV system. The reels of cables leading to their control centre in the van outside became almost a trademark of the team. Night Vision CCTV systems have come a long way since the first episode of TAPS, but it still remains an essential purchase for the serious ghost hunting team.

Hawes Parakit App – Now discontinued

Sadly this app has now been discontinued and is not available to download.  However this remains one of our favourite phone apps.  It offers the functionality of a voice recorder, motion detector and auto recorder all in one app.  It auto records for a set period whenever your phone picks up a sound or detects a vibration or movement.  It is a really useful app to have on you for a spontaneous ghost hunt. I really hope that they update it to work with IOS 11 soon.