Can paranomal activity cause nosebleeds?

Can paranomal activity cause nosebleeds?

December 10, 2017 Our Blog 0

Unfortunately from our own experience, yes paranormal activity can cause nosebleeds.  Having a nose bleed during a paranormal experience is one of the commonly reported side effects.  In this article, we look at the cause of a nosebleed during a paranormal experience.

Adrenaline and Blood Pressure

While not a supernatural reason, this is the most plausible cause of a nosebleed during a paranormal encounter.  When stressed or scared, your body starts to produce adrenaline. Adrenaline increases your heart rate, which in turn causes your blood pressure to raise.  This increase in blood pressure can cause the small blood vessels in your nose to burst from the pressure, resulting in a nose bleed.  

So while it is not a supernatural cause, if the paranormal incident causes you to be scared, then it can trigger a nosebleed.

While you cannot stop the potential of being scared while investigating, you can reduce the likelihood of having a nosebleed by avoiding caffeine and making sure you drink lots of water before you go out.  This keeps the cells hydrated and prevents them breaking as your blood pressure increases.

If the nosebleed does not stop after 15 minutes, then you need to seek emergency medical advice.  

A haunting or paranormal activity can make you sick due to other reasons.  Read our blog on paranormal activity making you sick for more information.