Can a new build house be haunted?

Can a new build house be haunted?

December 9, 2017 Our Blog 0
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Yes, even brand new houses can be haunted.  It all depends what took place on the land before your house was built.  The land your house is built on can hold the energy of the spirits or they may have a connection to it and not want to leave.  

Old Gravesite Hauntings

It could be that your home is built on a very old grave site.  Our historical records only go back 300-400 years, but there is millions of years of history from before that time.  

Plague Pits

During the plague, many people were buried in giant pits as they needed to get rid of the infected bodies as quickly as possible.  These pits remain unmarked on many maps and are only found when deep excavations take place.


Back when hangings were a common punishment for crimes as small as stealing a loaf of bread, there were hanging spots in almost every village.  These sites, known as gibbets, are no longer marked on maps, unless the evidence of the site has managed to survive to the present day.  These sites were the scenes for many traumatic deaths.  As such, they are likely to hold onto the energy and are more likely to be haunted.  


During world war I and II, there were a large number of air bases established.  Once the war was over, many of these sites were turned back into agricultural fields.  In some cases, the cost to remove all the old equipment was too much and planes, jeeps and other military items were simply buried.  As time passes, these agricultural sites get sold off for housing and so you could find yourself living in a house built on an old airfield, without even knowing it.  With any airfield, there would have been significant numbers of pilots killed in action.  These pilots may not realise they are dead, so continue to haunt the last place they were alive.  This may lead to your home being haunted by the pilots.  Thankfully, the records of airfield locations is pretty good and a trip to your local library should be able to offer up information.  


With development space becoming a premium, developers are often buying up older, smaller homes on large plots and demolishing them.  They then proceed to build multiple homes on the site.  This means that often a smaller, older property is demolished to build your new home.  If this older home was haunted, it can lead to a haunting in your new home.  This tends to be what happens when spirits appear to walk through walls, they are simply walking round the home that used to be on the site before your new build.  If you are experiencing a haunting, then it is highly possible that your neighbours will be too in this situation.