Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

January 4, 2021 Crystals Our Blog 0
Black Tourmaline - Crystals for protection

Crystals are known for both their beauty and spiritual qualities. In this article, we look at crystals that can be used for protection.  This can be protection from negative entities while ghost hunting, or crystals that protect you from negative energy in your daily life. 


agate - crystals for protectionAgate comes in many colours including black, pink, grey, white, blue and green.  It is an ideal crystal for providing protection while carrying out a paranormal investigation. It offers protection against negative entities and is a useful tool at repelling spirits that may have bad intentions. We automatically send a black agate ring to anyone who completes our demonology course as added protection during investigations. 

Black Obsidian

A very beautiful crystal, obsidian is created from molten lava that cools very quickly.  When polished up, it makes lovely jewellery. It is also an amazing crystal for protection.  It forms a shield of protection around you, absorbing any negative energy from the space around you and your home. Because of its high absorption properties, it needs regular cleansing in order to work at its best. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline - Crystals for protection

Another useful crystal when carrying out an investigation, black tourmaline helps protect against psychic attacks from both the living and spirits.  It prevents the emotional overwhelm some experience while on investigations. It has even been known to block electromagnetic energy, which makes it particularly useful at eliminating electromagnetic interference as an explanation for paranormal activity.  Another beneficial side effect of tourmaline is that it helps people with anxiety due to its ability to block negative thought patterns in your own mind. Whenever you are in a situation that makes you nervous or anxious, carry a piece of tourmaline in your pocket and it should help you remain calm. 


This gorgeous purple crystal has been used since the dark ages for its healing properties.  It is another crystal that is great at protecting the holder from negative thoughts and feelings.  It protects against negative energy from others.  Use an amethyst under your pillow at night to prevent nightmares. 


pyrite - crystals for protectionA wonderful shiny crystal, it is known to protect from the negative effects of modern technology.  This includes electromagnetic energy.  Place a piece of pyrite between your computer screen and yourself to protect yourself during the working day. 

Black Jade

This crystal doesn’t directly protect you, but it does boost your own intuition.  This will help you follow your instinct and steer clear of negative people and those with a negative energy.