Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals for Anxiety

January 21, 2021 Crystals Our Blog 0
sodalite - crystals for anxiety

Everyone can suffer from anxiety. It often shows itself at the worst possible opportunity. For some, stressful situations at work can cause anxiety.  It could be a large presentation you have to deliver, or an interview for your dream job.  You could get anxious at large social gatherings or even just leaving your home.  Whatever makes you anxious, there is a crystal that can help you to cope. In this article, we cover the best crystals for reducing and eliminating anxiety. 


I have panic attacks, which crystal should I use?


sodalite - crystals for anxietyAmethyst is the best crystal for dealing with panic attacks.  It helps you see more clearly and allows you to rationalise any stressors, before they can cause you to go into a full scale panic attack. It also helps reduce stress from external energy sources by only attracting calming energy. 

Sodalite is another stone great at reducing panic attacks.  Sodalite has a natural calming effect, helping you cope with the world around you and reducing anxiety levels. It also helps you to control your emotions and become more confident. 


I can’t sleep because I am so anxious, what stone is best for me?


shungite - crystals for anxietyShungite is the best stone for reducing anxiety at night and is known to help with insomnia.  It has excellent EMF protection properties, preventing the energy from surrounding electronic devices from messing with your own energy. 


I have a really stressful time coming up, which crystal should I carry with me?


Rose Quartz is a great stone to carry with you at all times.  It helps you centre your thoughts and emotions and helps them stay balanced.  It promotes general wellness and can help reduce general feelings of unease.  


I have a stressful meeting with my boss coming up, what will help me communicate more effectively? 

agate - crystals for anxiety

Blue Lace Agate helps overcome communication difficulties.  It helps in situations that are stressful or tense and allows the bearer to communicate calmly and effectively.  Keep a piece at work to help you communicate effectively when in the office. 

I have depression and anxiety, what can help me cope? 

Lepidolite is a naturally occuring crystal that contains lithium which is included in many pharmaceutical antidepressants. It helps you stay emotionally balanced and prevents overwhelm. 


I’m anxious because I have had to deal with a lot of difficult situations lately, is there anything that can help me cope?

Clear quartz is the best crystal for general health and well being.  It should be carried at all times. It helps you remain grounded and deal with times of distress or loss.  It helps you to remain centred in difficult and tense situations.