The Skinwalker Ranch

The Skinwalker Ranch

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Skinwalker ranch


The Skinwalker Ranch is a large parcel of land located in Northern New Mexico that has gained notoriety for being the home of many paranormal activities. The ranch is officially in the public domain, but it is fenced off and guarded. It was first made famous by author Tony Hillerman’s 1981 novel “Skinwalkers”.

Many people have speculated about the ranch’s true nature. Some believe it to be a site for secret military experiments; others think it may be a portal to another dimension.

A skinwalker is a Navajo witch, and the ranch has been the site of many paranormal activities that resemble witchcraft. Sightings of UFOs, mysterious animal attacks, and poltergeist-type activity have all been reported. The most popular theory is that the ranch serves as an interdimensional portal.

The history of the Skinwalker Ranch goes back to when Native Americans originally inhabited the area known now as Utah and New Mexico. Ancient humans were said to have lived in these areas for hundreds of years before European settlers arrived.

Sightings of the Skinwalkers began in the 1970s. These individuals were described as having animalistic features — claws, fur, and glowing eyes. The first documented sighting of a Skinwalker occurred in 1977 at an Indian boarding school in Colorado.

Discarded clothing was found, which contained evidence of blood and possibly amputated fingers. Three boarders reported seeing a strange man wearing a long black coat who had an animal’s tail, cat’s paws, and hairless face. The children were disturbed by his unnatural appearance.

Skinwalkers have attacked more livestock than any other occurrence in the ranch’s history. They are also responsible for the poltergeist activity in the ranch.

The Skinwalker Ranch was a filming location for 1001 Nights, starring Kevin Costner, and Conspiracy Theory. It was also used as a site for “Skinwalkers”, a 1991 movie starring Michael Moriarty and Kathy Baker.

Film maker Alejandro Brugues used a portion of the ranch for his 1992 film “The Mummy”.