Paranormal Investigator Jobs – Do they exist?

Paranormal Investigator Jobs – Do they exist?

December 6, 2017 Our Blog 0

The answer to this is yes, but the vast majority do not come with any form of payment. However, that doesn’t mean that there is not the opportunity to become a full time ghost hunter. You just have to think creatively about how you can create a business around your full time passion.

Paranormal Investigator Jobs

These do sometimes come up. They are sometimes paid positions. There are many large scale teams that run paid for ghost hunting events. They need people to run these and as such, they need to hire staff to do that. The jobs don’t come up very often and they tend to be advertised on the paranormal groups own websites. You are unlikely to find an advert for a paranormal investigator on indeed for example!

Many teams will only take on volunteers. If you already have a day job, joining a team as a volunteer does still have its benefits. You can often investigate prestigious locations free of charge as a thank you for leading a group. These locations are either not available to an individual or are prohibitively expensive if you are trying to get in there by yourself.

Create your own ghost hunting job

If you can’t find a job, then you can always create your own paranormal investigator job. Start your own blog and report on the results of your investigations. You could set up a video blog (vlog) on YouTube and record live footage from your investigations. Some of the top YouTubers earn millions!

People love hearing about paranormal experiences, so think about starting your own podcast or online talk show where you discuss paranormal topics with others.

Another option is to write a book. It is so easy to self publish on Amazon and start making money from your experiences within minutes.

You can set up your own paranormal events team. This will require a bit of business knowledge, as you will need to market and sell tickets to your event. However, anyone can sell tickets on a platform like Eventbrite and use Facebook to promote their team’s activities.

We cover more activities to help turn your paranormal investigation passion into a full time business within our Ghost Hunting Course.