Why having a paranormal qualification can help your investigations

Why having a paranormal qualification can help your investigations

December 7, 2017 Our Blog 0

When I was new to paranormal investigation, there were no fancy TV shows, no YouTube channels to watch and yes, even no internet for googling! I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination but even 20 years ago, there was no ability to find out about paranormal investigation except by hunting down copies of books through the local library.  

I learnt the hard way.  By pouring through years worth of books to try and find descriptions of experiments.  There weren’t any of the sophisticated ghost hunting equipment that we have access to now.  It was an old fashioned tape recorder and if you were really lucky, your parents had a huge tape sized video recorder.  Now we have access to digital recorders, night vision cameras, thermal imaging equipment and new devices designed specifically for paranormal investigations such as the paranormal puck device.  

Just as technology and our understanding has changed, so has the way we learn how to investigate.  There is not a single day without a paranormal TV show being on at least one channel.  Plus, there is not the need to spend the time pouring through hours of literature in order to find one snippet of information that is actually helpful. We have the benefit of fast tracking the learning process by taking an online paranormal course or ghost hunting qualification.  

It frustrates me to think of how much evidence I may have missed or misinterpreted while I was learning what to look for and how to use my equipment.  This is why we have put together our paranormal courses.  We wanted to fast track that learning to increase the chances of people capturing proof of the paranormal.  The most investigators we have out looking for proof, the more chance we have of finding it.  So while you can still learn the old fashioned way, why do it when you can get access to one course, where all that information has been distilled down into an easy to understand format.

Another added benefit is that of confidence.  It can be intimidating to get into the paranormal.  Groups often only accept people with experience which can be hard to get.  There is a ton of equipment on the market and again it can be intimidating for the newbie to come in and learn it all quickly.  You don’t want to make a mistake that could jeopardise the accuracy of your evidence.  Again, having a paranormal qualification demonstrates that you have the basic knowledge needed to carry out an investigation.  This means a group is more likely to take you on and you can ensure that the evidence you capture is as good as it can possibly be.