The Real Ghosts of Disney

The Real Ghosts of Disney

August 2, 2021 Ghostly Experiences Our Blog 0

The Disney parks may be known for being a place of fun and laughter.  But did you know that there are plenty of ghost stories surrounding the parks.  In this article, we look at some of the most well known and often sighted ghosts. 

The Haunted Mansion

Despite it being an attraction designed to scare members of the public, it turns out that as well as the fake ghosts it contains, the Haunted mansion contains some real spooks.  The legend says that when it first opened in 1963, one lady was so terrified that she died of a heart attack.  It led to the attraction being closed until 1969, however the ghost of the lady remained to haunt future visitors.  

One spirit often seen in Haunted Mansion is that of a young boy.  He is said to stand by the exit and can sometimes appear to be crying.  It is said that his mother scattered her son’s ashes within Haunted Mansion without getting Disney’s permission. 

Also seen near the exit of Haunted Mansion is the spirit of an old man with a walking cane.  It is said he is from a plane that crashed near the park.  

The Guardian of Lost Children

Often seen walking Main Street, a ghost of a lady wearing an 19th century dress walks around offering help to lost children.  She is said to guide any lost children to the Baby Care Centre where they can wait safely until they are reunited with their parents. 

Death in The Park

In 1967 there was a death on the Peoplemover ride.  A teenager was tragically killed.  It is said that their ghost haunts this area of the park and pulls the hair of anyone with blonde hair. 

Death on The Monorail

In 1966 a teenager snuck into the park.  He climbed a fence, but was spotted by a security guard.  He tried to run across the monorail track but was hit and killed by the monorail train.  It is said that his spirit is still seen running alongside the monorail track.  

Walt Disney

It is said that Walt Disney himself occupies the park.  He had an apartment on Main Street.  When he died, the light in the apartment was left on as a mark of respect.  However, when this light is turned off, it is switched back on by an unseen force.  Staff have also heard a mysterious voice say ‘I am still here’.