What is the difference between the K-II meter and an EMF Detector for Ghost Hunting

What is the difference between the K-II meter and an EMF Detector for Ghost Hunting

December 13, 2017 Ghost Hunting Equipment Our Blog 0
K-II meter for ghost hunting

Both devices monitor the electromagnetic field levels in your environment.  However, there are differences in the way the device feeds back this information and that is the main difference between the two.  

The K-II meter is a popular device seen on pretty much every ghost hunting TV show.  The device consists of a handheld box in either black or grey, with a series of 5 different coloured lights at the top.  When EMF is detected, then the lights go from green to red depending on the strength of the field around you.  While the lights give you a rough idea of the strength of the field around you, they do not tell you the precise levels of EMF radiation.  However, when working in the dark, as you do with most ghost hunts, the K-II meter does allow you to see instantly if there are any change in the levels with the bright lights on the top.

Most other EMF detectors have an LCD screen at the top. Some have backlights that do allow you to see any changes in the readings even in the pitch black.  These detectors allow you to see the exact changes in the levels of EMF radiation in the environment and tend to be very sensitive.  While not as dramatic as the K-II meter, they allow for a more scientific approach to monitoring EMF during your ghost hunt.  

If you have a large number of guests on your ghost hunt, then the K-II is the one to go for.  You can leave it in the centre of the room and do not need to be close to it to see any changes.  If the lights flash then you know it is detecting an EMF field and you can then focus your attention on that area.  However, if you are looking for scientific results, then a regular EMF detector is your best bet.  It gives you a precise reading.  Of course the dream situation is to have both.  You use the K-IIs around the room to see where the spirits are most active and then you place a second EMF detector in that location to see accurately what the changes are.  

K-II meters cost about £23 and tend to come from America so you have to wait a while for delivery.  EMF detectors start at around £14 and are more easy to get hold of.