What is the Poltergeist energy frequency called?

What is the Poltergeist energy frequency called?

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According to Poltergeistcology, the frequency that poltergeists appear and communicate in is called the “Poltergeist Frequency”. The frequency is noted in the research as being one of two frequencies: 800Hz and 1000Hz. While there are many different beliefs about why these frequencies exist, scientists have noted that it is likely a result of human brains resonating with Earth’s natural frequencies in order to synchronize them.

Some believe that the poltergeist frequency is, in fact, the cumulative energy and emotions of every living thing on Earth; when these frequencies get too dense or too strong, they can manifest through the dead and appear as a poltergeist. This theory has been rejected by many scientists who claim this energy is not active enough to form a conscious “entity”. Scientist Scott Rogo and Daniel Brown, authors of Poltergeist Activity: Investigating the World’s Most Haunted Places, assert that these frequencies are not just energy that humans resonate with, but rather a natural force of nature. Rogo states, “It’s nothing more than Earth’s basic frequency structure. Not only does it exist, it is part of the reason for life itself.” This electrical and gravitational energy has been shown to influence our ability to think, communicate and process information through our bodies and brains.

Research predicts that a poltergeist is likely to appear and interact with a human being if the human is observing a certain kind of emotional and energetic combination. An emotional situation that would most likely lead to interaction includes negative emotions like grief, shock or anguish. A combination that would likely cause the appearance of a poltergeist would be a negative emotional feeling combined with a strong emotion like anger or fear.

These combinations are referred to as “primary” poltergeist combinations because they have been shown to be the most common reasons why poltergeists appear in everyday life. The next most common poltergeist combinations are listed as “secondary” because they are still very strong reasons why a poltergeist would appear.

It has been shown by scientific research that many times when a human is playing an instrument, such as the piano or guitar, a poltergeist may be drawn to that person. Often times the human will stop playing, and within moments a poltergeist may interact with the instrument itself. Poltergeists have been reported to play instruments themselves and even cause instruments to malfunction.

If you are experiencing one of these poltergeist combinations, it is recommended that you first perform “grounding exercises” in order to stabilize your emotions and energies. Grounding exercises include breathing deeply, meditating or engaging in other relaxation techniques that can help you to calm yourself and clear your mind. This can help to lessen the chances of a poltergeist interaction because it is less likely that you will create a strong enough emotional-energetic combination for the poltergeist to notice you.

As far as unexplained phenomenon go, poltergeists often encounter more skepticism than most other paranormal theories. With so much information available about how these spirits manifest themselves, scientists and researchers still find it difficult to believe that we cannot detect any energy within our own bodies or brain waves. The fact that they cannot detect any kind of energy in the common poltergeist frequency is one reason why many doubt the existence of the ghost.

A lot of research into the poltergeist frequency suggests that a poltergeist is an energy being. However, until we can successfully measure their presence by monitoring their energy output, their existence will stay as a hypothesis rather than a proven fact.